A Dentist Bridgeport Residents Rely On Provides Bridges and Implants for Replacing Teeth

Dentists encourage patients to have one or two missing teeth replaced with implants if possible, but these patients may not be able to afford this without dental insurance. Another option is to have one or two teeth replaced with a dental bridge. This device is so named because it bridges a gap where natural teeth should be. A fixed bridge is permanently cemented into place, whereas a removable bridge can be taken out for cleaning. A Dentist Bridgeport residents rely on can explain the advantages of each type and will evaluate which one would be best for this particular patient. Fixed bridges are far more common.

When choosing a permanent bridge, the patient must realize that the teeth on either side must have some of their enamel removed so they can become abutments for the dental device. They then have permanent crowns placed over the top, so they are aesthetically pleasing. The patient’s smile is restored with the bridge, even though some extra work needed to be done on healthy teeth. This is a long-established method of replacing missing teeth, and dentists are very accustomed to providing fixed bridges.

Eventually, bridges need to be replaced, although they should last at least 10 years when they are cared for properly. Many people wear the same bridge for much longer than that. Individuals must make sure to keep the device clean; small brushes, oral irrigation tools, and special floss are available to remove food particles. The dentist who places the bridge will provide instructions on proper care.

When the time for replacement comes, the patient may be able to have the bridge replaced with implants if he has acquired dental insurance or has saved up enough money. Now this individual will have an implanted rod permanently fused with the jawbone and a porcelain or ceramic cosmetic top on that rod. A Dentist Bridgeport residents rely on can do this procedure as long as he or she has received the proper training. Some clinics, such as Modern Family Dental, have an oral surgeon on staff who does the actual rod implant. Anyone interested in acquiring a dental bridge or having an implant procedure performed may visit the website for more information.

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