A Dentist in Redding Is Eager to Help Patients Learn More About Effective Brushing

A Dentist in Redding is eager to provide education to patients about keeping their teeth and gums healthy. In addition to having regular professional teeth cleaning and dental checkups, practicing excellent oral hygiene all other days of the year is important as well. Brushing teeth is a fundamental component of oral health, but too many people aren’t diligent enough about this activity.

Brushing teeth soon after waking up and again just before going to bed is essential for keeping the teeth and gums in excellent condition. Brushing removes sticky bacteria-ridden plaque, which slowly calcifies into tartar if not brushed away. Brushing a third time, such as after lunch or a midday snack, is beneficial as well.

Tartar causes gum irritation that can progress to inflammation. In addition, leaving plaque on the teeth is a risk factor for cavities since the bacteria eat away at tooth enamel. The problem is heightened while sleeping since the mouth tends to become dry, creating an environment where those bacteria thrive.

A Dentist in Redding is likely to recommend brushing for a minimum of two minutes each time. Many people figure 20 or 30 seconds of brushing is plenty, but it’s difficult to thoroughly clean all the enamel surfaces when hurrying through the process.

When choosing a toothbrush, the person should select one with a relatively small or medium-sized head so the brush can easily reach to the back teeth. Dentists recommend using a brush with soft bristles because more abrasive bristles can be a bit hard on enamel. If someone really feels the teeth aren’t getting clean enough with soft bristles, he or she should use the medium type instead and avoid brushes with hard bristles.

One type of electric toothbrush appears to be more effective than other brushes, whether manual or electric. That’s the kind with a rotating, oscillating head, like the one dentists and dental hygienists use at clinics to polish teeth after clearing away tartar.

A great deal of additional information about brushing and other oral hygiene tips are available from a dentistry practice such as Moore & Pascarella Dental Group.

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