All About The Different Types Of Dentures In Humble TX

Individuals who have missing teeth may be hesitant to wear dentures, but this mouth appliance has many benefits for those who wear them. Dentures are made for people who don’t have any teeth at all and for those who are missing only a few teeth. Before visiting a dentist who specializes in Dentures in Humble TX, read the information below to learn all about dentures and partial dentures.

Partial Dentures

People who have most of their natural teeth with only a few missing are great candidates for partial dentures. A partial denture allows individuals to have a full set of teeth, which aids with eating, speaking and a person’s appearance. Spaces in the mouth that are caused by missing teeth allow the remaining teeth to shift into the open spaces. After awhile, these teeth become crooked and loose because of this gradual movement. The teeth in a partial denture fill in the spaces and the appliance attaches to the natural teeth to keep it in position. You can visit here to get more information.

Complete Dentures

This type of denture is used when individuals don’t have any teeth left in their mouth. Complete dentures look like a full set of teeth, and they fit over the top and bottom gums. Patients who don’t want to be without teeth while the dentures are being made can choose to have immediate dentures. As soon as all the teeth are pulled, the dentist places these dentures into the patient’s mouth. After a few months, the dentist will have to adjust the dentures, so they fit securely without being loose. Individuals who don’t want immediate dentures can choose to have conventional dentures. These dentures are made after the gums are healed from extracting the teeth. During the healing process and as the dentures are being made, the patient will not have any teeth. Individuals who are interested in getting dentures can speak with a dentist who specializes in Dentures in Humble TX about a recommendation for the best type of dentures.

Visit the dental office of Rowntree Richard D DDS for a denture consultation. During your dental appointment, you’ll have a chance to ask the dentist any questions you may have about partial and complete dentures.

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