The Answers To Common Questions About Implant Dentistry In Vancouver, WA

People who have one or more teeth missing often want to have them replaced as soon as possible with dental implants. Missing teeth can cause problems when eating and also alter a person’s appearance. Read the information below to learn the answers to common questions about Implant Dentistry in Vancouver WA.

What are dental implants and why are they a good option for missing teeth?

Dental implants consist of a post that’s surgically placed in a person’s jawbone and a crown that’s securely placed on the top of the post. After the implants are positioned in the jaw, the bone grows around the implant to keep them anchored into the jawbone. After this process is complete, the implants will last a lifetime.

Implants are a popular option for many people because they’re convenient, permanent, and look very natural. There isn’t any special cleaning requirements for implants and individuals brush them with their toothbrush.

How long is the process of getting dental implants?

It takes several months for the dental implant procedure to be complete because there are several steps, and there’s also a healing process. Before the implants are surgically placed into the bone, the dentist opens the gumline and drills a hole into the jawbone. A dentist who specializes in Implant Dentistry in Vancouver WA next implants a post in the drilled opening.

After this first step is complete, individuals must wait until the jawbone grows around the implant, and this step can take three to four months. Once the bone has grown around the implant and the post is secure, a peg is placed on the top of the implant. This peg extends past the gumline so the dentist can attach the crown.

After the crowns are fabricated, the dentist attaches them to the pegs. During the fabrication process, the crowns are colored to match the hue of the natural teeth so the implants look completely natural.

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