Ask Your Dentist About Dental Implants in Charleston SC

Dental implants allow a person to have their missing teeth replaced with prosthetic teeth that look and perform in much the same way as natural ones. When a person decides they want to go through this procedure, they need to first consult with their dentist about Dental Implants in Charleston SC. A dental examination will allow a dentist to determine whether or not a patient is a good candidate so their procedure can be carried out safely and effectively.

With dental implants, a person’s smile can be made fully complete. The dentist will first take care of the placement of the titanium root that will be housed inside the jawbone. The root system of the teeth is made of titanium because this metal has a unique composition that natural bone tissue will grow around and attach to. Once the implants are put in place, the dentist will next place an abutment on top so the prosthetic tooth will be able to be successfully attached.

Some dental implants are able to be put in place in one office visit while some types are put in, in stages. The dentist will decide what type will be most beneficial for the patient to ensure their end result gives them a beautiful, fully functioning smile.

Once all three pieces have been joined and they have healed, a person will be able to eat a wide variety of foods and feel confident in the appearance and performance of their smile. Dental implants provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth and can be placed anywhere in the mouth. The dentist will inform the patient of the steps they will need to take to make sure their implants stay functioning at their highest level and do not become damaged.

If you would like to learn if you are a good candidate for Dental Implants in Charleston SC, contact the office of Tatum Dentistry With implants, you will love to smile at the world and will not have to worry about your appearance. Call the office right away and ask them to schedule your consultation appointment so you can get started on improving your smile.

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