Basics for Handling a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are not the best moments of anyone’s life. However, they are common enough that many people will have to deal with one at some point. Whether due to infection, injury or other causes, a dental emergency is a scary situation. If you find yourself in need of an emergency dentist in Farmington Hills, here are a few things that can help.

Stay Calm

Try not to panic. Dental emergencies are certainly stressful, but keeping a cool head is the first step toward resolving the situation. If you are calm, you have a better chance of making well-reasoned decisions. In the emergency’s immediate aftermath, there are a few basic procedures you can follow. These might include applying a cool compress to control bleeding and swelling, or preserving a knocked-out tooth by keeping it moist.

Find the Right Dentist

The next thing you should do as quickly as possible is seek treatment. You want to find an emergency dentist in Farmington Hills who is experienced at dealing with crises. A qualified dentist can look at your situation and make quick, informed decisions about how best to proceed. Ultimately, you want your dental emergency to rest in the hands of someone who is seasoned, confident and capable of rapidly providing the care you need.


A dental emergency does not necessarily end when the initial situation is dealt with. It is important to adhere to all of your dentist’s instructions after you return home and in the days and weeks following your emergency. If follow-up visits are warranted, make sure to go to them. Keeping your appointments and following your dentist’s instructions can help prevent pain, damage and the need for more extensive treatment down the road.

Hope and Healing

If you do find yourself needing an emergency dentist in Farmington Hills, don’t despair. There are experienced professionals available to treat you. With their help, you can heal well and get back to living life.

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