Choosing Between At-Home or Dental Clinic Teeth Whitening in Redding

Many people wish for a brighter smile with sparkling white teeth. Is it better to have Teeth Whitening in Redding performed at a dental clinic, or is it OK to do this cosmetic improvement at home?

The main advantage of having Teeth Whitening in Redding performed at a dental clinic is sensitivity may be minimized. Increased sensitivity after each session is a common side effect, although it gradually dissipates over several days. In addition, some patients experience irritated gums. Dentists and hygienists can choose a tray that fits the person’s bite well or have one customized. In contrast, over-the-counter products are one-size-fits-all. The better tray fit tends to reduce these side effects. This is a particularly important point for someone who already has sensitive teeth.

A clinic such as Moore & Pascarella Dental Group may use a professional whitening solution that is stronger than products available at drugstores and other shops. That typically means faster results. Some clinics use light or heat to speed the whitening process along.

It’s common for patients to need a whitening touch-up once or twice a year if they cannot give up foods and beverages that gradually cause discoloration. Coffee, black tea, and red wine are prime examples. Whitening results eventually fade, although the time frame varies among individuals. The full process may need to be completed again within a year or two.

The primary reason people might choose over-the-counter products instead is the extra cost for going to a professional. Dental insurance won’t cover whitening since it is a cosmetic treatment and not a functional or health-related one. However, the benefits outweigh that additional cost for many people who want to avoid unpleasant side effects and want to be certain they get the best results. The convenience factor is another point to consider, but patients often have only the first session performed at the clinic and then do the followup sessions at home with instructions from the practitioners. Even if someone is planning to do their own whitening at home, it’s essential to have a dental checkup first to make sure there are no cavities that need to be filled first.