Common Questions And Answers About Dental Bridges In Reno NV

When individuals have a missing tooth, one of the most popular options available is to get a dental bridge. After a dentist makes the bridge and places it into position it serves as a replacement for the missing tooth. To learn more about visiting a dentist for Dental Bridges in Reno NV read the questions and answers below.

How does a dental bridge work to replace an individual’s missing tooth?

After a dentist makes an impression of the patient’s teeth, the dental bridge can be fabricated. A replacement tooth is made to fit into the open space by using the measurements from the impression. Two crowns that will fit over the patient’s natural teeth are also fabricated. The replacement tooth is then attached in between the two crowns. After the bridge is made, the dentist places it into position over the natural teeth. The replacement tooth fills in the open space and the crowns hold the bridge into place.

How long does it take for an individual to get a dental bridge?

At the first dental appointment, the dentist will prepare the natural teeth by shaping them to accept the crowns. The impression is then made and sent to the dental laboratory. Until the new bridge is made, the patient will wear a temporary bridge that’s placed over the teeth by the dentist. At the next appointment, the dentist will fit the bridge and make any necessary adjustments.

Do dental bridges last for several years or do they need to be replaced frequently?

Most individuals will be able to wear their dental bridge for at least ten years, if not longer. People who take good care of their teeth and visit their dentist at regularly scheduled intervals will normally have their bridge for a long time. If the bridge comes loose, a dentist who specializes in Dental Bridges in Reno NV can often clean the old adhesive off the bridge, apply new adhesive and place it back into position.

Individuals in Reno who need a dental bridge can schedule an appointment with a dentist at Sparks Dental. This dental clinic also provides various other reconstructive dental procedures, such as crowns, bonding and dentures.

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