Deciding Whether a Dental Implant in Bellevue, NE Is Appropriate for a Cerebral Palsy Patient

A dentist is likely to have some disabled patients, including youngsters and adults with cerebral palsy (CP) and other physical disorders. When research evaluates factors relevant to the success rates of dental implants, it usually concentrates on patients who are not disabled. If a person with CP needs a Dental Implant in Bellevue NE, there may be special considerations regarding the ability to care for oral health.

CP Symptoms

CP causes a broad range of complications. Some individuals have relatively minor physical problems, such as issues with coordination. Others have more bothersome physical disabilities but no impairment to intelligence. Another group within this population has a certain level of mental disability along with the physical troubles.

Especially in that third group, children, teenagers, and adults can have difficulty with brushing and flossing regularly. If they are not provided with helpful equipment like electric toothbrushes and specialized floss holders, they may avoid an oral hygiene routine. These factors make the failure of dental implants more likely since the development of gum disease can cause jawbone deterioration.

Traumatic Injury

Children and teenagers, whether disabled or not, usually lose teeth due to a traumatic injury. That type of injury is not nearly as common in adults. One study found, in most children and teenagers with CP, the loss of front teeth occurred when they were injured while falling from the wheelchair. They may not have enough physical ability to block their fall with their arms, or they may have enough mental challenge to be unaware of how to do this.

Age Considerations

Dentists normally won’t place a Dental Implant in Bellevue NE in a young person until they reach the age of 17 or 18 because the mouth is not completely formed until then. Children and younger teenagers need to wear a bridge for teeth replacement instead. When they are old enough, a dentist with a clinic such as Westwood Dental will evaluate the health of their teeth and gums, which will be a primary factor in deciding whether this young person is a good candidate for implants. Depending on the patient’s mental ability, parents will need to be involved in this decision.

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