Dental Bridges: Are They Right for You?

What are dental bridges?

These are designed to bridge the gap when one or more of your teeth go missing. There are two crowns that make up a bridge. These crowns go on each tooth on either side of a gap. They support false teeth in between. A dental bridge can be made from alloys, porcelain or gold. A combination of these materials is also possible.

How do they benefit you?

*     Bridges help restore your smile by bridging the gaps between your teeth, says Medicinenet.

  *     These also help improve your confidence. If you have gaps in between your teeth, you might feel self-conscious every time you smile, talk or laugh.
Bridges eliminate all those problems and improve your confidence levels so you can express yourself without any self-consciousness or shyness.

   *     Help you chew and speak properly. Missing teeth often make it difficult to eat. These could also lead to speech problems like lisping. Engaging the services of a local dentist in Henderson is one way to help you chew and speak again with ease and comfort.

What type is right for you?

Pick one from three main types: traditional, cantilever, and Maryland bonded bridges. A traditional dental bridge is the most common and is often made of porcelain that is fused to ceramics. In some cases, it could be fused to metal as well. Cantilever bridges are often used for cases wherein only one side of the teeth or tooth is missing. And lastly, Maryland bonded bridges are made of plastic teeth and gums. It comes with a metal framework. To know which suits your needs and budget, it’s best to consult a local Henderson dentist as soon as possible.

Finding dental care

Don’t just go to any dentist you find, though. Look for one that specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Check out credentials and experience. This will help you find a dentist you can trust.

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