Dental Implants In Adelaide: Many Advantages

For many, losing a tooth is their worst fear. Regardless of the reason or position of the tooth, you now have nothing there, and it creates a gap. While there are serious complications that could arise, most people primarily worry about aesthetics and their looks. In fact, most people who get dental implants in Adelaide decide to get them to improve the way they look and then learn of all the other benefits later.

Dental implants in Adelaide can help keep the rest of your teeth healthy. The jaw requires stimulation all the time, and it gets it from your tooth roots. When you lose a tooth, and the root dies, there is no stimulation there anymore. Over time, the jaw deteriorates, and you lose bone mass. That can cause the rest of your teeth to be in danger of falling out, as well.

While other procedures are available, such as bridges, they require healthy teeth to be filed down so that the bridge can be placed. Therefore, the healthy teeth are now compromised and could decay over time. Some people consider dentures, but they only sit on top of the jaw and don’t stimulate the bone. In fact, studies have shown that dentures can cause more rapid deterioration.

At National Periodontics, their primary goal is to help you protect your teeth. If you have gum disease and it’s in its early stages, they can likely reverse it and give you healthy gums once more. If you’re in the advanced stages and have loose teeth or have lost a tooth, they can still likely reverse most of the damage and restore your smile. Once your gums are healthy, they can provide dental implants in Adelaide, which can hide the gap in your smile and restore your mouth to its former glory.