Dental Implants In Penrith: Considerations

Dental implants in Penrith are high-tech replacements for your natural tooth root. The root is made of titanium and is surgically implanted into the jaw bone where it fuses with the bone over time. It does take some time to heal, but when it is healed sufficiently, an abutment is placed inside the faux root so that a crown can be put over the whole thing. The crown is the part that looks like a tooth, and it ensures that your smile looks like it did before you lost any teeth. That way, you can smile, eat, and enjoy life without having to deal with dentures.

Dental implants in Penrith are suitable for anyone who has lost one or more of their natural teeth. If you already have dentures, it might not be too late to get implants. However, you do need enough bone structure in the jaw for them to fuse together and take hold. If you don’t have enough bone, a bone graft can be performed by your dentist to help regrow the bone so that you can get the procedure. The benefits of implantation are plentiful; they can last a lifetime if you take care of them, and they look and behave like your natural teeth.

No Gaps Dental offers dental implants in Penrith. The dentists are qualified to handle your implantation needs. When you call in or schedule an appointment online, they will set you up with a consultation to discuss your needs. You may not have realised that implantation was a possibility when you got your partial or dentures, so it is the perfect time to talk to someone with the knowledge you need. They can discuss the benefits of implantation with you or help you determine which type of implant is going to be most suitable for your needs.