How Does the Dental Restoration Clinic in Camas WA Transform Smiles?

Smile restoration includes many steps that are meant to help patients overcome the cosmetic dental concerns that prevent them from having a beautiful smile. With more advanced dental science than ever before, dentists can now offer greater smile transformations at the Dental Restoration Clinic in Camas WA. Those who are truly unhappy with their smile are urged to seek a consultation appointment with the dentist so they can learn about their treatment options.

The Consultation Appointment

At the consultation appointment, individuals can have their smile examined to learn which restoration options will be most beneficial to improving their smile’s appearance and function. The process of transforming a smile begins with a full examination so the dentist can determine which cosmetic issues are present. Once the dentist has determined the issues, they will help their patient to draw up a plan of care that ensures the end result will be a beautifully transformed smile.

Understanding the Treatment Options

There are a wide array of treatment options at the Dental Restoration Clinic in Camas WA. The dentist will explain each option to their patient to help them determine which ones will be most beneficial and give them the results they want. The following are the most common treatments available.

* Porcelain or composite fillings can be used to replace silver fillings that make the smile look less attractive.

* Crowns can be used to cover teeth, making them stronger and more attractive.

* Bonding is a treatment option that fills in minor cracks, repairs chips, and covers stains. It can also be used to close gaps by changing the size and shape of the teeth.

* Porcelain veneers are tooth-shaped shells that can dramatically improve the appearance of the smile by covering up damage, stains, and gaps.

Schedule a Consultation

Individuals who are interested in having their smile transformed should schedule a consultation appointment to get started. This appointment will allow the dentist to determine the patient’s needs so the right treatments can be offered.

Smile restoration is a multi-part process so a person needs to be patient as their smile is transformed over a series of appointments. Those who would like to get started on the process should call Lewis Family Dentistry. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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