What To Expect When Getting Dentures In Amarillo Texas

Whether a person suffers from less than perfect teeth due to a traumatic injury, genetic predisposition, or a lack of caring for them in their younger years, it will cause them to struggle with their self-esteem. Cosmetic procedures often cost thousands of dollars and seem out of reach for most people who are looking to give their smile a makeover. Dentures in Amarillo, Texas are a budget-friendly alternative that will allow anyone to have a beautiful smile that will enable them to put their best face forward.

Initial Evaluation

A dentist will first examine a person’s tooth and gums and ensure that they are a viable candidate for the procedure. While it is not a surgically invasive option, most individuals will need to have some of their teeth removed so that the denture plates will fit comfortably and to prevent issues in the future. A patient should be transparent with the doctor and express any concerns they may have about the process.

Tooth Extraction and Molding

The next step is to remove any teeth that are no longer viable. A dentist will remove the teeth under a local anesthetic and then sew up the gums to aid in the healing process. Also, they will take an impression of the gums, which will be used to create the denture plates. The gums will need to fully heal before the fitting process, which usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Denture Alignment and Fitting

After the gums have healed, the dentist will then conduct a final examination to ensure that an infection isn’t present. Next, they will let the patient try the dentures on and watch them chew and talk to see if any alignment issues exist. A dentist will have the tools to adjust Dentures in Amarillo, Texas in their office, so when a person leaves they are sure to have a set of teeth that fit comfortably.

Don’t let a less than perfect smile keep a person from living life to the fullest. The team at Panhandle Dental offers a complete array of oral health services including custom dentures. Visit the website to learn more and see how they have helped change the lives of thousands of people in the Amarillo area.

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