What To Expect During A Professional Dental Cleaning In Oyster Bay NY

The key to having a beautiful, healthy smile is making sure to regularly brush and floss and obtain a professional cleaning every six months. Not only does a Dental cleaning in Oyster Bay NY help to prevent the onset of stains and discoloration, but it also eliminates the start of cavities. Adults and children alike often have extreme fear when visiting the dentist, but a cleaning is a standard procedure that will allow anyone to have a beautiful smile and stave off complications that can lead to pain and expensive dental procedures.

Plaque and Tarter Removal

During the first step, a dental hygienist will use a metal tool or a water-powered jet to remove the buildup of tartar and plaque that has formed on the teeth. No matter how often a person brushes, it will not be successful in removing all traces of buildup. This is typically the most labor-intensive part of the cleaning process but is not painful and is what will give the teeth a radiant shine.

Cleaning and Fluoride Treatment

After surface contaminants have been removed the hygienist will then floss around the teeth and use a polishing brush to apply a gel that will remove any traces of plaque and tartar. Once completed the patient then has the option of undergoing a fluoride treatment. A plastic tray will be filled with a gelled substance and then placed in the mouth for up to 30 minutes, which allows the fluoride to adhere to the teeth.

Dental Examination

The last step of a Dental cleaning in Oyster Bay NY is a full examination by a dentist. If any x-rays were taken during the process, the doctor will examine these and discuss any possible issues that should be addressed. They will also look at each tooth making sure that it is structurally sound and that there are no visible blemishes or problem areas that may lead to problems in the future.

A professional cleaning is a pain-free process that will allow anyone to have a healthier smile. The team at Locust Valley Dental Group provides both general and cosmetic dentistry services and can let anyone put their best smile forward. Be sure to browse the website to learn more and see how stress-free going to the dentist can be.