What to Expect When Visiting a General Dentist in Baltimore City

Going to a dentist every six to eight months is very important if you want to care for your teeth and make sure that an oral infection doesn’t start to develop in your mouth. A general dentist is a medical professional who provides treatment for a variety of different oral conditions, as well as performs procedures such as root canals and dental extractions. Some dentists also perform more complicated procedures such as oral surgeries and the installation of dental implants. Here are a few things that you should expect when visiting a general dentist.

A Friendly Environment

Many people are scared when visiting a new dentist because they don’t know what to expect. However, you should know that dentists ideally try to keep their environment as friendly as possible. If you are nervous, it will only make the dentist’s work harder. Therefore, almost every general dentist in Baltimore City tries to provide a very friendly environment to their patients. Some dentists even offer sedation dentistry, so if you are scared of big machines being brought near your teeth, you can simply ask the dentist to use a sedative and put you under for the duration of the procedure.

A Range of Dental Treatments and Services

There are plenty of dentists that offer a wide range of services apart from conventional medical check-ups, including orthodontic treatments such as straightening teeth and installing aligners. One of the best dentists in the city is Lawrence Chen DDS. You can set an appointment with the dentist if you are experiencing pain in your teeth or wish to go for a basic consultation. Even if your teeth are in good condition, you should still visit the dentist once a year for a basic check-up.