Explore the Options: Dental Amalgam Versus Resin Composite Tooth Fillings

As much as people would like to never need a filling, at some point in their lives most people end up getting cavities that need to be dealt with. Then the question comes up as to whether you would prefer dental amalgam (or silver) fillings or resin composite (tooth-colored) Tooth Fillings. There are pros and cons associated with each of these options.


When it comes to looks, most people prefer the tooth-colored composite fillings, as nobody can even tell a person has them. The silver fillings are more obvious, so these are typically used for the back teeth. Also, the composite fillings don’t change the color of the teeth, but over time, the silver fillings can make the teeth they are in look darker in color.


Although people prefer the looks of the composite fillings, they tend to last about 10 years or about half of the time a silver filling will last. Silver fillings are much harder and less likely to be damaged by tooth grinding as well, which is another reason they’re often used in the back of the mouth.

Filling Size

One area where the composite fillings have a clear advantage is when it comes to smaller fillings. These Tooth Fillings can be made in pretty much any size, while silver fillings need to be at least a certain size or they won’t stay in place well. This means that more healthy tooth has to be removed in order to use the filling if the cavity is small.

Potential Area of Concern

Recently, people have started to be concerned by the fact that there is a certain amount of mercury in silver fillings. However, the American Dental Association notes that the type and amount of mercury in these fillings is safe and nothing to be worried about. They don’t recommend removing silver fillings and replacing them with composite fillings, as this could result in further damage to the teeth.


One final consideration is the cost of the filling. Silver fillings tend to be less expensive than composite fillings so, when cost is an issue, they are typically the best bet.

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