General Dentistry in Vancouver, WA Protects Smiles

Having a beautiful and healthy smile is important. When a person’s smile is not attractive, it can cause them to feel embarrassed about their appearance. A healthy smile is a sign of a healthy body. Those who seek General Dentistry in Vancouver, WA are able to protect the health of their smile and avoid decay and gum disease which can cause damage to their teeth.

Why Is the Dentist So Important for Good Oral Health?

Many people neglect the health of their smile by avoiding seeing the dentist for General Dentistry in Vancouver, WA. When individuals do not see the dentist, they are not able to protect the health of their smile from decay and gum disease.

The dentist cleans a patient’s teeth each time they come in for a visit. Although individuals often believe the care they provide at home is sufficient, it usually is not. When the individual does not see the dentist, tartar can build up on sensitive areas and lead to cavities and even gum disease. It is recommended individuals have their teeth cleaned at least two times a year.

Another important service available from a dentist is X-rays. X-rays are typically carried out once a year unless patients experience signs of problems more frequently. X-rays can reveal what is going on deep within the teeth and gum tissue. Often, these diagnostic images are able to reveal problems that are not yet causing symptoms or showing outwardly.

In addition to X-rays, dentists perform careful examinations that are meant to be proactive. When individuals have their teeth and gums examined by the dentist, oral health issues can be treated before they cause any major damage to the patient’s smile which is so crucial for good oral health.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have been neglecting the health of your smile, now is the time to embrace dental care. Call the Vancouver Dental Office right away to schedule your appointment for a cleaning and exam. Scheduling these appointments twice a year will go a long way towards the protection of your oral health. Stop neglecting your oral health, so your smile will be healthy.

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