Getting Teeth Whitened Through a General Dentistry in Salem OR

A person’s teeth and oral health is becoming increasingly popular for people looking for love, as research shows, smiling can make or break a first impression. Studies found that eight percent of women consider white teeth a significant advantage because they have a beautiful smile when contemplating a relationship with a new partner. The research found that 14 percent of men said a small perfectly formed mouth is perfect, which could result in women undergoing general dentistry in Salem OR to achieve that look. Although 78 percent of respondents said that a person’s teeth are the key ingredient of a great smile, there was a difference of opinion about what the perfect set looks like.

The survey found that 43 percent of people said that sparkling white teeth were the most important factor, while 35 percent argued that straight teeth are essential for a great smile. Furthermore, 65 percent of people said that stained teeth would steer them away from someone who they are interested in. How a person smiles can say a lot about the type of person they are, as well as the way they smile and how he or she takes care of said smile. Naturally, if a person has sparkling white teeth, he or she will smile with confidence. This means it is important to brush and floss on a regular basis.

Research also found that women felt the smile of Oscar winner Julia Roberts was the most desirable celebrity smile due to her displaying a perfect set of shiny white teeth. Roberts was on top of the poll with 22 percent of the vote, while pop princess Kylie Minogue narrowly came in second with 21 percent and pouty Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie came third with 19 percent. To learn more, contact your local general dentistry in Salem OR today.

There was bad news for the deceased controversial singer Amy Winehouse as she claimed very little percentage points of the vote and finished below pop star Posh Spice Victoria Beckham. Men, on the other hand, want to imitate the charming smile of George Clooney or the confident smile of Tom Cruise as these two heavyweights were the most envied teeth in men. Contact Riverfront Dental LLC for more details.