How Implants in Short Hills NJ Could Improve Your Life

No one wants to walk around with missing or damaged teeth. Not only is a broken smile embarrassing, but it can also be the source of oral pain or other types of discomfort. Getting Implants in Short Hills NJ can be a life-changing the experience for patients who have dealt with tooth problems for a long time. There are many ways getting implants can have a positive impact on a person’s daily life.

Improved Appearance

Having a healthy, white smile is important for most people. However, tooth issues, such as severe decay or discoloration, may cause a person to smile less often. Getting Implants in Short Hills NJ will help improve the appearance of a person’s smile, which will have a direct effect on their self-esteem. When someone feels more confident with their looks, they tend to be happier and more productive on a daily basis.

Improved Speech

Many people don’t realize this, but teeth are necessary for speaking. A person’s tongue and teeth work together to pronounce different vowel and consonant sounds. Those who do not have a full set of teeth often find it more difficult to speak. They may find themselves stumbling over their words. It may even cause an embarrassing lisp. Getting implants is one way to instantly improve a person’s ability to speak.

Improved Chewing

Teeth are necessary for chewing many different types of foods. Unless a person is on a liquid diet, they rely on their teeth to help them eat. Tough, chewy foods, such as steak and bagels, require strong teeth. Since implants are secured into the jaw bone like natural teeth, patients are often able to enjoy their favorite foods without any restrictions. According to Westfield Oral Surgery, patients can resume their normal eating habits once the implants have healed.

Anyone who is suffering from missing teeth or chronic tooth pain should make an appointment with their local dentist for a thorough examination. Only a dentist will be able to determine if a patient’s jaw bone is healthy enough to support dental implants. If implants are not an option, be sure to speak with the dentist about other solutions, including dentures or bridges. Replacing missing teeth with implants is a surefire way to improve a person’s life.

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