If Whitening is Considered At All, It Has to Be Custom Teeth Bleaching Strips in Vancouver WA

Tooth whitening remains one of the most popular and possibly one of the most controversial items in dental care. Some find the idea of putting bleach against their teeth absurd and dangerous. But, it does make those pearly whites just a little whiter.

Over-the-counter options have flooded the market in a huge way. It is now a product that people think they need, but that may not necessarily be so. Like mouthwash before it, many argue that the product created a demand and need that never really existed.

If tooth whitening is to be considered at all, it should absolutely come in the form of Custom Teeth Bleaching Strips in Vancouver WA. Custom strips from an in-office visit make at-home solutions borderline useless. The concentration of peroxide is pitifully low. They are peroxide-based agents, and they come in different concentrations. Typically, an at-home kit is scaled back to about 5% whereas the in-office kit bottoms out at about 15% peroxide.

Tooth whitening is just about the same as a tooth bleaching. They both use bleaching agents. Consumers have created a subtle distinction, though. Tooth whitening more typically refers to the over-the-counter strips with low concentrations. The word “bleach” has a stronger distinction, so it typically references in-office whitening that relies on a more substantial concentration for a greater result. The entire whitening procedure will take no more than two hours, and most patients will only require two to three visits for a year of white smiles.

The Custom Teeth Bleaching Strips in Vancouver WA solution has other tools and electronics used to enhance the end result. Lighting and heat is applied to concentrate the peroxide-based application. The at-home option does have its obvious appeal. It requires little work, and can be done at one’s convenience.

In the end, an at-home kit is a nice little patch that will go away quickly. Ten uses of an at-home kit could equal a single visit to the dentist. The power simply isn’t there, and it makes at-home options seem irrelevant by comparison. Contact the Lewis Family Dentistry office for more details about whitening over bleaching, how long it takes, and the cost. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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