Implant Dentistry in Indianapolis IN and Other Advanced Oral Procedures

Implant dentistry in Indianapolis IN gives a smile a second chance with the ability to replace a complete set of teeth. Revolutionary advances have been made in dental medicine over the last couple of decades. Patients have many options for restoring and maintaining the beauty of an unflawed smile. Dental implants provide a permanent solution for missing teeth. The mechanical attributes in a natural smile are restored with dental implants. Part of the construct of dental implants are materials that simulate tooth roots. These posts secure the tooth roots to the artificial teeth. The posts are implanted under the gums and need a few weeks to fuse to soft tissue. Once that is done, the procedure for Implant Dentistry in Indianapolis IN is almost complete. The patient comes to finalize dental work when the dentist mounts and secures the artificial teeth to the ends of the post. This is a lasting solution to missing teeth that should not bring any problems as long as good oral hygiene continues.

Porcelain crowns is a conservative way to repair one or a few fractured or missing teeth. They can be described as tooth caps. They are also made of durable porcelain materials. Crowns restore the size and shape of damaged teeth. The damaged tooth is protected from further harm and reinforces its strength with a porcelain cap. Patients like that crowns enhance the appearance of the tooth it is protecting.

Porcelain veneers is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the anterior appearance of the smile. This is a solution for individuals with teeth that are in relatively good condition, but need some aesthetic improvements. Veneers conceal misshapen teeth, misaligned teeth, a gummy smile and gaps. A thin but strong layer of porcelain material is placed over the front of teeth. Just a small layer of surface enamel is shaved down to make room for veneers. As with most other cosmetic and restorative work, maintenance for veneers simply requires brushing and flossing. There are alternatives to veneers, like laminates and lumineers, that may be more fitting for a patient’s dental case. Check out to learn about procedures similar to veneers.

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