Improve Your Smile with Prosthodontic Dentistry in Waterford, CT

Whether your teeth have been damaged from an injury or decay, or they grew in crooked or with other problems, you can replace them or have them repaired. By using cosmetic dental techniques or replacing damaged teeth with dental prostheses, a dentist can restore both the appearance and function of your teeth. Here are three restoration techniques which may be recommended to improve your smile.

Applying Crowns

Playing contact sports can be rough on teeth, especially if the proper mouth guard is not worn. Hockey players are notorious for having missing teeth or suffering from broken or cracked teeth. To help strengthen a broken or cracked tooth, a crown can be applied to it by a dentist who specializes in prosthodontic dentistry in Waterford, CT.

Getting Dentures

Older people who have suffered from dental decay may need to have teeth removed and replaced with either a partial denture or a full set of dentures. Sometimes, saving a few teeth isn’t worth the effort if the patient has been plagued by mouth abscesses or gum disease. Part of what prosthodontic dentistry does is help restore the function of teeth, which includes using dentures or partials, so that patients can eat normally and speak clearly.

Applying Veneers

Another function of prosthodontic dentistry is to restore the look of teeth. For people who have small teeth, veneers can be applied to make them appear bigger, which helps them look more natural for the size of their mouths. Dental specialists like Matyas & Matyas can evaluate your teeth, then apply and shape veneers so they appear natural.

If you’re concerned about the function or appearance of your teeth, you should make an appointment with a dentist who specializes in prosthodontic dentistry. He or she can make recommendations to restore the proper function of your teeth and make your smile beautiful and brighter as well.