Information Detailing Dentures And Dental Services in Fairfield, OH

Each year, nearly 20 million dental prostheses are laid in the U.S. What are they for? Can people obtain them at any age? Should people prefer fixed or removable Dentures And Dental Services in Fairfield OH? This brief article will explain everything a person needs to know before deciding.


Dentures are used to replace or protect missing or very damaged teeth. Beyond aesthetic considerations, a healthy and complete dentition is essential to stay healthy. The jaw is the first joint of the body and, when one or more teeth are lost, the resulting imbalance can affect the whole body.

To spare various muscles and tendons from breaking down, dentists may install a prosthesis, (one or several) false teeth that will allow them to “fix” the jaw and, therefore, preserve the balance of the whole body. Boxers and hockey players are not the only people who lose their teeth. Of course, after a jaw injury (a blow or a fall, for example) people can lose a tooth and need a prosthesis. But, most often, decay and peridontitis lead to Dentures And Dental Services in Fairfield OH.

Reasons to undergo denture placement

Decay is an infectious disease that damages the structure of the tooth. Under the action of bacteria, the sugars consumed are transformed into acids and attack the deepest and most sensitive parts of a tooth until its devitalization. Periodontitis is also a disease caused by bacteria. However, this time, the tissues that surround and support the teeth (the gum, ligament, and alveolar bone) are attacked. If left untreated, periodontitis can also lead to a loss of teeth.

Do not panic. People just need to properly brush their teeth, use dental floss, and schedule routine visits to the dentist. Forget the clichés, as dental prostheses are not reserved for the elderly. In general, some people have dentures and implants placed as early as 18 years old.

Types of prostheses

There are two types of dental prostheses: fixed and removable. Once installed, the fixed prosthesis no longer can be removed, as it is inserted into the jaw. Conversely, when one or more teeth are missing (not even the root remains), a bridge must be installed. The idea is to put one or more false teeth in to replace those that are missing. Visit for more details.

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