Knocked Out Tooth? Call The Emergency Dentist In Vista, CA

Accidents happen, especially with children. A fall off a bike, a trip over a toy, or even a pinch or punch from an unruly sibling or friend, kids get bumped, banged and scraped easily. Parents, for the must part, expect these scuffles and deal with them fairly calmly. Of course, if the accident causes a more severe injury, like a knocked out tooth, even the most stoic parent may get a bit rattled. Knowing what to do and how to contact the Emergency Dentist Vista CA goes a long way in making a chaotic situation, like a knocked-out tooth, a bit easier to deal with for everyone involved.

If a child falls and knocks out a tooth, panic may ensue for both parent and child, especially if blood is involved. If a tooth is knocked totally out of the mouth, it’s important to act quickly, as then the tooth has the best chance of being implanted back into place. Locate the tooth and do not wash it off. If it’s covered in dirt or grass, wipe it off gently. Do not vigorously wash or scrub the tooth to remove debris, as it can be easily damaged. Most dentists recommend on the way to their office, keep the tooth moist. The best way to accomplish this is to hold the tooth in the mouth, keeping it is covered in saliva. This ensures the best chance of the tooth staying alive. If the child is too young to safely hold the tooth in this manner, a parent may hold the tooth in their mouth instead. The tooth can be transported in a cup of milk if it is not able to be held in the mouth.

As soon as the accident occurs, contact the Emergency Dentist Vista CA to advise the office of the situation. Most dental websites, such as, conveniently have contact information available on-line. This allows the dentist to be contacted quickly in case of an after-hours emergency. When the tooth is handled properly and treatment is fast, the tooth has a good chance of being implanted back into the mouth. Never delay treatment. Always act immediately when dealing with a knocked out tooth.

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