Laser teeth whitening is a great option

With the low cost of teeth whitening many dentists are now finding that the procedure is one of the most highly sought after cosmetic treatment. Boston teeth whitening is any process that results in brighter, whiter teeth. The majority of tooth whitening is accomplished through the use of bleach that affects the dentin, the second tooth lawyer rather than removing surface stains.

    *    The available choices:

Teeth whitening can be accomplished using OTC products which are applied at home, materials that your dentist will provide but the treatment is still done at home and teeth whitening procedures that are carried out in the dentist’s office. Bleaching is the most often used procedure; although it is non-invasive all dental procedures should be either carried out by your dentist or at least approved by him.

    *    Laser whitening:

Laser whitening is a reasonably new Boston teeth whitening procedure, it can only be carried out in the dentist’s office and is a little more expensive than the conventional method. The dentist will first protect your gums and lips and then apply bleach directly to your teeth. Heat from a laser is used, this accelerates the process considerably; the results are actually quite dramatic.

A laser teeth whitening session takes about an hour. The cost of the treatment depends on the system the dentist uses and the system is that which determines the number of treatments that are needed. At times several treatments are needed for patients with teeth that have been stained by cigarette smoking, red wine, coffee, tea and other food stuff that permeates the tooth enamel. Many patients will see whiter, brighter teeth after the first session.

There are several alternatives. The OTC preparations have a low concentration of bleach and take many sessions for the full effect. In office bleaching is quicker as the dentist use a higher concentration bleaching chemical.

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