Moving to a New Pediatric Dentist in Weymouth, MA

Bringing children to the dentist for the first time is probably not a memory that individuals will forget. Many kids harbor a lot of dentists for an assortments of reasons. However, once parents move past that initial visit, they can often introduce their kids to the world of proper hygiene. However, circumstances can come into play that force the family to switch to a new Pediatric Dentist in Weymouth MA. One practice may close, or a cherished dentist may retire. It is also possible that the family is no longer happy with the services at the old practice.

When families decide to Visit the website and schedule an appointment with a new dentist, they may discover that the children are developing their past fears all over again. One way to tackle the issue is to speak openly and honestly with children about the reason for the change. Part of the fear may stem from the fact that they do not understand why they are leaving the old practice. While frightening the children with negative information about the old dentist is probably not the best strategy, as it can make them, even more, scared of the new one, parents can find a gentle way to relay this information. The amount of details provided also will depend upon the age of the children.

Parents can also work to make this transition smoother by ensuring that all of the children’s dental records are transferred to the new Pediatric Dentist in Weymouth MA. Otherwise, a great deal of confusion may arise when their children go for their first visits. Any added confusion can build onto the stress the children are already experiencing and make the appointment unpleasant. In fact, if the accurate information has not been sent over to the new practice, kids may have to come back in the near future when the records have finally arrived. Once parents have built up courage in their kids to see the dentist, they likely just want the appointment to happen. Parents may even want to consider meeting with the dentist for a conversation before scheduling their children’s very first appointments to establish a level of comfort.

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