Non-Hospital Emergency Dentists in Gilbertsville PA Offer Better Prices with a Slight Wait

The emergency room is the de-facto choice for any medical emergency. No one would take it away from a mother who is taking their son to the ER after a major injury or a person calling an ambulance after a serious incident. The services are present for this exact reason.

Most injuries are largely easy to determine if they warrant an immediate visit to the ER. A broken bone? It’s imperative to get it handled promptly. A sprained finger? It could wait a few days, or it could require a self-drive to the hospital.

Though a lot of this is cut and dry, there is one category of medical injuries that is not so easily distinguishable. Tooth related injuries may require a visit to the ER. But, what injuries could wait a day? Is the cost worth it?

The ER is a pricey endeavour, even with insurance. Without insurance, and the costs could be staggering. There are non-hospital emergency dentists in Gilbertsville PA that work at small clinics. A big problem with them is that they are not open 24 hours a day. Furthermore, there may be a waiting list to get in, and appointments are needed. None of this is a part of the emergency room. Unfortunately, that convenience comes at a cost.

It may be worth it to wait a few days to visit a small clinic. The cost savings for seeing emergency dentists in Gilbertsville PA locally could be profound. One big factor is the pain. Sometimes, the pain is insurmountable. If the pain is mild and the bleeding is controlled, it could be smart to wait.

The waiting period should rarely be over a day or two, and most injuries should be followed up within 24 hours. But, not every tooth-related injury requires a midnight stop to the ER. It can be borderline impossible to hold out for the day when a child is injured. But, with just the right amount of patience, it could amount to thousands in savings. Contact us and explain the situation. The emergency team will get a handle on the situation within 24 hours.

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