North Sydney Wisdom Teeth Removal: Benefits

The third molars usually erupt between 16 and 25 years of age, and while most people experience no problems, others do suffer complications. Many times, the teeth become impacted, which means they are covered (either completely or partially) by bone or gums and can’t come to the surface. They can become abscessed, which means infection spreads through the tooth, causing pain and swelling. North Sydney wisdom teeth removal is essential in this case. You don’t want to live with a mouth that is in pain all the time or run the risk of getting a severe infection that run rampant throughout the entire body.

North Sydney wisdom teeth removal can prevent or reduce your problems, such as pain or swelling of the jaw, inflamed or irritated gum, foul-smelling breath, and loss of the bone or gums. Another common issue with third molars is that you may not have enough room inside your mouth for them to come in fully. Therefore, when they start erupting and have nowhere to go, they likely push the other teeth out of the way, causing overcrowding. If that happens, it can cause damage to the surrounding teeth as they all crunch together to try to get enough space.

At Toothsome, they understand how frustrating it is to have third molars that give you problems. Instead of dealing with the pain and swelling daily, you can consider North Sydney wisdom teeth removal to fix the problem once and for all. Because the team consists of a periodontist and oral surgeon, you never have to worry about their experience and ability to handle your unique case. They will likely talk to you about your options, discuss risks, and help you understand why it’s best for the teeth to be removed, ensuring that you are comfortable with the procedure.

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