Patients Find Help for Chronic Canker Sores at a Dental Office in Kona

Practitioners at a Dental Office in Kona provide complete oral health care, including treatment and recommendations for patients with frequent canker sores. These little sores can be quite painful, and the patient may wonder why they develop so often when other people only get them infrequently.

About Canker Sores

Medically, these sores are known as aphthous ulcers. They are significantly more common in female members of the population and begin at a relatively early age. Canker sores can be nearly continuous occurrences for certain people, while others deal with the issue every few weeks. Researchers believe the immune system reacts to a substance by causing a mouth ulcer.

Some individuals are simply more susceptible to the problem for genetic reasons. Usually, the frequency lessens with age. Nevertheless, practitioners with a Dental Office in Kona can offer suggestions on how to prevent canker sores.

Foods Associated With Aphthous Ulcers

Eating citrus fruit can be a trigger for these small mouth ulcers. In some instances, specific kinds of fruit cause trouble when others do not. The patient may realize that he or she often tends to get a canker sore soon after eating pineapple or dried apricots but not after eating oranges or grapefruit. The specific kind of sugar or acid from these foods may be the culprit.

Another person may realize that eating spicy foods like chili and jalapeno peppers often results in a canker sore occurring within a few days. Eliminating these foods from the diet may reduce or end the problem. In the future, people who connect their diet to canker sores may want to try adding those foods back into the menu again and see whether no further issues continue.

Oral Hygiene Products

A dentist such as Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. may advise the patient to try a different toothpaste. Some individuals are sensitive to foaming agents in the most popular brands. They might try toothpaste from the natural health section of stores instead, although it should still contain fluoride for cavity prevention. Commercial brands of mouthwash may also cause the same problem. Visit the Website of this particular clinic and learn about the dentist.

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