What Should Patients Know About Implant Dental Services in Ocala?

When someone loses teeth, it can cause them to feel embarrassed about the way they look. It is especially challenging to deal with teeth that are missing in the front of the mouth. Thankfully, there are dental services in Ocala that replace missing teeth. This information will help individuals to be better aware of what they can expect when they go through treatment with implants.

How Does the Dentist Replace Missing Teeth?

Teeth can be replaced with dental implants that become a permanent part of a person’s smile. When a patient seeks these dental services in Ocala, they will need to be aware of the steps they will go through in the process of replacing their teeth. The following are the steps the dentist will carry out to place an implant.

  *    The dentist will first need to make sure the patient is a good candidate for dental implants. Good candidates have overall healthy gums and teeth, along with ample bone tissue in the jaw. If there are any oral health issues, these will need to be corrected before the procedure.

  *    The dentist will need to perform the first surgical procedure which involves the placement of the titanium rod which will hold the prosthetic crown in place. This procedure is carried out, and then bonding takes place between the implant rod and the jawbone.

  *    After the first surgery, a second surgery will need to take place after healing. The dentist will reopen the incision and place an abutment on top of the implant rod. The abutment is essential for joining the rod and the prosthetic tooth together.

  *    The prosthetic tooth is put in place and is the only portion of the parts that can be seen above the gumline. The crown looks just like a natural tooth, so it blends in well with the surrounding teeth.

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