What Patients Should Know When They Have Orthodontics Braces In Queens NY

Most people want to have a nice smile with perfectly straight teeth. If a person isn’t born with a perfect smile, there are treatments available. If an individual has an overbite, an underbite, spaces between their teeth, or crowded teeth, orthodontics braces in Queens NY can treat the problem. When a person has braces, there are several things that they should know.

Braces Can Be Painful

When an individual gets braces put on, they should expect some pain. When the braces are first put on, the sharp brackets can dig into the inside of their mouth. To ease the pain, the orthodontist will give the patient wax to put over the brackets to keep them from scraping. Also, during the patient’s treatment, the braces would need to be tightened regularly. This can cause pain for a day or two.

Dental Hygiene is Very Important

When a person has braces, they need to pay close attention to their oral hygiene. Brushing around the brackets is very important. If the individual doesn’t brush carefully, it can result in permanent stains on the teeth when the braces are removed. The orthodontist will give them a special tool so that they can clean underneath the wire. Brushing and flossing can be difficult when a person has braces but it is extremely important.

Food Restrictions

When a person has their braces put on, they will receive a list of foods that they cannot eat. The food on this list can damage the brackets and break the wires. Foods on the restricted list include hard candy, pizza crust, and other hard foods. Popcorn, peanuts, corn on the cob, taffy, gum, and caramel are also on the list.

Never Miss a Scheduled Appointment

The orthodontist would schedule an appointment at least once each month. In some cases, the orthodontist will tighten the individual’s braces. In other cases, the appointment would be to check their oral health and to make sure that the treatment in on course. If the person misses scheduled appointments often, it can set back the treatment process.

Orthodontics braces in Queens NY is a great way for a person to improve the appearance of their smile. As long as the individual follows their orthodontist’s instructions, their treatment should be quite effective. For more information, Find Us Here.

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