Periodontal Surgery With a Dentist in Cinco Ranch

What is periodontal surgery? Periodontal surgery is a surgical technique used by a Dentist Cinco Ranch that aims to control periodontal disease. The goal is to reach inaccessible areas to remove tartar and plaque. Furthermore, once the issue is solved, treatment could stop possible bone loss. Periodontal surgery is indicated for moderate to severe periodontal diseases.

Periodontal surgery, according to experts in Dentistry and Stomatology, is based on better accessing areas so the dentist can clean tooth roots in depth and then, if possible, try to regenerate portions of lost periodontal ligament and bone tissue. The most frequent complications of periodontal surgery are swelling and bruising. Both are minor complications that are controlled by local control operations, such as applying cold compresses. Moreover, there could be an infection of the surgical site, which could call for antibiotic treatment.

In the case of periodontal disease, permanent results are not possible. Maintenance and proper plaque control at home is essential. For this reason, all periodontal patients should undergo routine, thorough reviews. In addition, the patient will be given appropriate recommendations by their dentist in Cinco Ranch on how to control the problem.

There are many periodontal plastic surgery techniques to cover multiple gingival recessions. The biggest advantage dentists see in the technique described is that it could cover 100% of the coronal dentin exposed, something that is extremely difficult; thus avoiding composite restorations. Another advantage is the absence of scars, which are vertical incisions produced by the procedure. Therefore, the combined use of a coronally advanced flap with a connective tissue graft allows complete coverage of cases concerning advanced multiple gingival recession with a poor prognosis.

Many cases of advanced gingival recession are due to abrasion by brushing hard, as the enamel gets worn down. This, in turn, carries a consequent exposure of the coronal dentin. Also, there may be some bone loss, especially in the area of the upper incisors. Many of the known results are quite stable, without the presence of periodontal pockets. All this said periodontal surgery has a very high success rate when it comes to complete coverage of gingival recession. Visit to learn more.