Permanent Solutions with Dental Implants in Indianapolis

Although there have been many advancements in oral care, many people still suffer from tooth loss. This loss often occurs due to decay, gingivitis, or an injury. There are options when this type of loss occurs. One of the permanent solutions involves the use of dental implants.

Explore the Many Advantages

If you know someone who has full or partial dentures, you’ve probably heard about their discomfort and the procedures necessary to keep them fresh and clean. They also involve adhesives and other upkeep. When you invest in dental implants in Indianapolis, your dentist can provide a permanent solution that gives lasting comfort and an improved appearance with no upkeep.

You will experience an improved eating experience. Dentures can slide and make eating and chewing difficult. You won’t have any discomfort with a permanent tooth replacement of this kind. It works like your natural tooth in every way.

A missing tooth can cause not only bone loss but also over time, difficulty in speaking properly due to slippage in your teeth. Protecting the area with a permanent solution can improve your ability to speak clearly. This enhancement will be sure to improve your smile and even help with self-esteem issues you’ve had due to this problem.

You will also notice a big improvement in your oral health. Surrounding teeth will be better supported and allow for proper alignment. This leads to a better ability to clean them. Nearby teeth are not altered in any way and your other teeth are protected and will last longer.

If your dental implants are placed properly and well kept, they can last a lifetime. This can be a long-term investment in your oral health and general well-being.

What Is Involved in Their Placement?

There are two parts to a natural tooth. First is the crown, the part that you can see. The second part is the root, a structure that keeps your tooth in place and provides solid support. In order to ensure you are a candidate for this type of procedure, you will need a full examination. There needs to be enough bone support to ensure success. Once this is established, a titanium root is installed into the bone socket where the missing tooth was. This will need time to heal and for the bone to grow around the root. This process can take several months.

Once the healing is complete, your dentist will take a full impression to ensure the new crown matches the existing structure of your mouth. Your dental implants are then attached to an abutment that secures the new crown to the titanium root. Your new replacement tooth from Murphy’s Landing Family Dental will act and feel like a natural tooth, giving you lasting comfort.

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