How to Prepare Your Child For a Visit With the Kids Dentist

When children begin seeing the Kids Dentist, they can sometimes feel a little afraid because they do not know what to expect. Children that start seeing the dentist around the age of one are often better able to handle the fear because they grow up going to the dentist on a regular basis. With these tips, parents will have an easier time preparing their child for their dental appointment.

How Can Parents Help?

Everyone knows seeing the dentist is paramount for good oral health, but it can be difficult when a child is genuinely anxious about their appointment with the Kids Dentist. The following are some of the most helpful tips that will assist parents in helping prepare their child for dental treatment.

  • Starting early is one of the most important steps parents can take when it comes to helping their child adjust to the dentist. When a child is seen at the dentist from an early age, they are less likely to grow anxious about dental appointments.
  • When a parent is preparing their child for a dental visit, it is essential they do not share too many details about what will take place. The more details that are shared, the more likely the child will become anxious or even afraid of what is about to occur. It is also important not to lie to a child and make them think the dentist will not need to carry out any treatments.
  • A parent should avoid using certain words when they are discussing their child’s dental appointment. Words like pain, shots, and hurt should be avoided because they can end up instilling fear in the child before they even visit the dentist.
  • Many parents find it helpful to play dentist with their child before the appointment so they can gain a better understanding of what they can expect. Playing dentist often helps to soothe a child’s mind and prepare them for the appointment.

Call For an Appointment

If it is time for your child’s preventative dental care appointment, make sure you call the office of Robert S. Ogden DDS PA right away. Allow them to help your child develop a love of dental care so they will not be afraid.

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