Reasons to Get a Tooth Crown in Cincinnati, OH

It’s strange that the prospect of getting a Tooth Crown in Cincinnati OH leaves many dental patients experiencing elevated levels of anxiety. There are many misconceptions regarding dental crowns, but in reality, they are used primarily in cases where patients would otherwise have to have damaged teeth removed. Read on to find out about a few circumstances under which a dentist may recommend a crown.

Protect Weakened Teeth

If cavities are caught early, they can usually be addressed using simple dental fillings. However, if the decay is allowed to progress, it can severely weaken the tooth. When this occurs, dentists often recommend that the weakened tooth be covered with a crown to protect it from further decay.

Stabilize Cracked Teeth

If a tooth has become cracked but is still otherwise healthy, a Tooth Crown in Cincinnati OH may allow the patient to keep his or her natural tooth instead of having it pulled. In fact, crowns are one of the most effective means of repairing cracked and broken teeth.

Reinforce Root Canals

If a tooth’s pulp becomes infected, the only solution that will allow the patient to keep his or her natural tooth is to have a root canal. Once this procedure has been performed, the dentist will install a permanent crown to cover the tooth and reinforce it.

Anchor Dental Bridges

Patients who are already missing teeth may also need to get crowns. When combined with an abutment, they can allow dentists to anchor dental bridges to the patient’s existing teeth, allowing them to restore their normal bite patterns, avoid damage to other teeth, and improve the appearance of their smiles.

Encase Dental Implants

Dental implants are an equally effective means of replacing missing teeth, though there is no solution better than to do everything possible to allow patients to keep their natural teeth. Once these implants have been placed, dentists use specialized dental cement to attach a permanent crown to them. These crowns are designed to look just like the patient’s normal teeth.

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