Services That Are Offered By a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA

Despite the many efforts that have been made to promote good dental health practices, millions of Americans are still struggling with different types of dental health issues. If you happen to have issues such as stained teeth, chipped teeth, broken and fractured teeth, and missing teeth, it is possible to get that beautiful smile back. Here are a few of the procedures that are carried out by a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA.


Previously, if a person had crooked teeth, they would have to get wired braces to try and straighten out the teeth. The problem with using wires is that they are unattractive and can be very painful. Also, cleaning teeth that are bound by wires and brackets is very difficult. The good thing about using Invisalign is that the trays that are used in aligning the teeth are virtually invisible. They are also designed in a way that they follow the exact path that the dentist has mapped in straightening out teeth. They achieve the desired results faster.


These are great for people that have stained and chipped teeth. They are composite caps that are used to cover the surface of the tooth. They hide the flaws on the real tooth so it appears straight and white. They are easy to install and very effective in hiding defects.


People that smoke, use coffee, or have really poor dental hygiene always end up with stained or discolored teeth. Cosmetic dentists will use two approaches in dealing with staining. They can provide bleaching trays, or have the whitening procedure done at the office. Micro-abrasions are very effective when the teeth have some deep staining.

Dental implants

These are artificial roots that are made of titanium and made to replace the root of the tooth. They are normally surgically attached to the jawbone. After the implanted screw has integrated to the jawbone, the stump will be attached, and crown will be put in place.

All these are services are offered by a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA. If you need to have any of the procedures mentioned above, you can get the most competent and experienced Cosmetic Dentist in town to do it for you by visiting Augusta Dental Arts.