Signs You Need To See An Emergency Dentist In North Sydney

Dental emergencies are a fact of life, especially for those who are particularly active or who have children. In some cases, it can be hard to figure out what constitutes a true dental emergency and what type of dental discomfort can wait until a regular appointment spot is available. While you can always speak with emergency dental staff, who can provide clarification, there are some general guidelines you can keep in mind. These are some signs you need to see an emergency dentist in North Sydney.

#1: Sudden and Intense Pain

If you or a family member feels sudden, intense, or worsening pain in their teeth, gums, or jaw, you should seek emergency dental care right away. Sudden pain like this is often the first symptom of some different dental issues, all of which need to be addressed immediately. If an average over the counter pain reliever fails to treat the pain in your mouth or jaw adequately, contact a dentist as soon as possible.

#2: You Crack A Crown

It is important to keep an eye on prior dental work. Things like crowns, bridges, and implants can crack or chip just like any other tooth. There is a greater danger inherent to crowns and bridges cracking, however. These items are implanted directly next to your gums. If dirt and other bacteria can travel into your tooth through the cracked implant, they can easily reach your gums. Gum disease, tooth decay, and other health complications could follow.

#3: You Lose A Tooth

Accidents and other injuries can happen in virtually any setting. Sometimes, these accidents can cause you to lose a tooth. If this happens, it is incredibly important to seek emergency dental care as fast as you can. Take steps necessary to preserve the tooth, if it can be located. In some cases, a dentist can save the tooth. Call Kb Village Dental on (02) 9964 9166 and book your next appointment.

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