Signs that a Root Canal in Honolulu is Needed

If the underlying issue that is resulting in tooth pain is an infection of the tooth pulp or serious decay, then the dentist may recommend a Root Canal Honolulu. This is a multiple step procedure that involves the removal of the pulp in the tooth, and in some cases the nerve. Once this is removed, the dentist will seal the tooth to protect it from suffering from pain in the future.

It is important to note that not all types of pain in the teeth is an indication that a Root Canal Honolulu is needed. However, some of the signs that indicate this procedure could be beneficial include:

* Extreme pain when eating or putting any type of pressure on the tooth.

* Extreme sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures that lingers even after the stimuli has been taken away.

* Small or pimple-like bumps appearing on the gums close to the area where the pain is felt.

* Swelling or tenderness on the gums where the teeth pain is coming from.

When a root canal procedure is suggested, there are a number of ways that it will help to ease the pain felt by the teeth. This includes:

* Scooping the infected or painful part out.

* Cleaning the inside of the tooth to ensure there is nothing left that will cause pain in the future.

* Sealing the tooth to ensure that no other issues arise and that it will not cause such pain again down the road.

The root canal procedure can take several appointments with a dentist. This is because they have to evaluate the situation and also take impressions for the crown that will be placed on the tooth after the procedure. While waiting for the procedure, the dentist will likely provide pain medication to help and minimize the discomfort the person experiences.

More information about root canal treatment can be found by visiting the Sitename website. Take some time to research the options and you will likely see the benefits that are offered by this treatment. Keeping teeth pain free can take some effort, but it is well-worth it in the end when a person has a pain free and healthy mouth.

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