The Benefits of Using a Brokerage for a Dental Practice Sale in San Diego

Dental practices are certainly something that come and go in the western world today, though especially in a busy, bustling state like California. It seems like every single day there’s some ad popping up for some sort of practice or clinic for sale. Though for dentists in the San Diego area, it might be in their best interest to go through a broker to handle the sale.

Here are some of the better benefits of using a brokerage to mediate a dental practice sale in San Diego.

Selling for True Value

How does one gauge the true value of their business? For a dentist that’s simply listing their business for sale, they might try to average out the price based on what others are selling for. With a brokerage, these practices are going to sell for actual fair market value, not what a previous owner is able to piece together through observation.

A Speedier Transaction

Then there’s the speed at which the business sells to consider. By going at this venture solo, the person selling has to do all of their own advertising and find buyers on their own. A brokerage specializes in this sort of thing and will likely already have buyers or investors lined up and ready to act.

More Money to be Made

Going with a brokerage is also a great way to squeeze maximum value of the practice. Many people who go at this alone will get frustrated when their practice is on the market for an extended period of time, thereby selling for well under market value. A brokerage can change that and ensure a fair price.

When you’re ready to let a brokerage help you sell a dental practice, contact Western Practice Sales.

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