The Dentist in Roseville CA Wants to Make Sure You are Brushing Your Teeth Properly

One of the biggest issues dentists notice when seeing patients is they are not brushing properly. When one brushes too hard or not firmly enough, they can find their oral health begins to decline. The Dentist in Roseville CA area wants to make sure patients know how to brush their teeth so they can keep them healthy and strong. Educating their patients on proper brushing technique can allow dentists to aid them in improving their oral health.

People often mistakenly believe brushing alone will keep their teeth healthy. The fact is, brushing alone misses half of the germs in the average mouth. This is why it is crucial people brush properly, floss, and use a medicated mouth rinse to ensure cavities are kept at bay. Using these three, twice a day, will allow a person to keep a healthier smile for life.

The Dentist in Roseville CA recommends patients use a soft toothbrush to ensure they do not cause any scratches or other types of damage to their enamel and gum tissue. It is also important a person chooses a toothbrush that has rounded bristles so they will be able to gently clean their teeth and get into all those hard to reach places without causing irritation.

For proper brushing form, a person needs to hold their toothbrush at a forty-five-degree angle and work on one to two teeth at a time, using gentle circular motions to get the teeth clean. It is important to work from the gum line down so the tooth is completely clean. To ensure all of the teeth are brushed, it is important a person works in a specific pattern instead of skipping all around when brushing. This method tends to cause people to miss certain teeth which can place them in danger of decay.

Using these brushing tips will help to ensure your teeth stay healthy and strong. If you are in need of dental care, contact Dentist Dr. Bryan G. Judd. He and his staff will provide you with the superb dental services you are in need of so your smile can look its very best. Call the office today and schedule your appointment.