The Missing Link: When to Consider Dental Implants in Redding, CA

Modern dentistry has blessed the world with less invasive ways of repairing mouths for cosmetic or mandatory medical purposes. When preserving a tooth or a set of teeth is no longer an option, dental implants are the next step. Dental implantation provides functional replica teeth that are also natural in appearance. Functionality while eating and cosmetic purposes aren’t the only reasons for dental implants, as the implants reconstruct the mouth to work as nature intended.

How Dental Implantation Works

Conducting research on all aspects of dental implants in Redding, CA will allow you to understand whom to seek out to perform the procedure. The first step in learning about dental implants is how the installation is carried out in the mouth of the patient. The dentist’s mission is to complete osseointegration, a type of root restoration to prepare the replica tooth’s new home.

Total tooth replacement is carried out in three parts that include:

  • Post installation.

  • Abutment.

  • Restoration.

Appearing identical to a screw, a dentist places this screw-like piece into the jaw bone like a normal tooth root. On top of this is where the abutment will sit, connecting the restored tooth to the post. Crowns are also another form of tooth restoration that can use an abutment and post. Uncontrolled diseases such as diabetes and malnourishment can prevent the fusing process of the dental implants to the jawbone, inciting rejection.

Reasons to Consider Implants

Dental implants are an excellent way to stop current teeth from moving into empty spaces within the mouth. Shift prevention allows patients to clean their teeth easier and prevent infection from trapped food. The conservation of the jawbone’s structural integrity relies heavily upon the placement of implants. Without support, deterioration will occur where the missing tooth lies.