The Safest, Most Effective Teeth Whitening Service in Homer Glen, IL

Even when a smile is otherwise perfect, stained teeth are unattractive. Traditional cleaning methods like brushing, flossing and mouth rinses protect the teeth from cavities, but they do not prevent staining. Common drinks like coffee and cola cause staining, and acidic foods can damage enamel and make it easier for these stains to appear.

By utilizing a Teeth Whitening Service Homer Glen IL residents can remove years of staining and have teeth that are several shades lighter than they were when they started. Even though there are an endless number of at-home kits and toothpastes, this is the only method that is guaranteed to work, and do the job safely.

What not everyone realizes is that not all teeth are able to be whitened. Even teeth that appear perfectly healthy may not whiten as expected. Only a dentist can examine teeth and let someone know if this process is acceptable for them. A lot of crowns and veneers in the mouth, cavities and receding gums are just a few of the reasons someone should not attempt to whiten their teeth. Even something like thin enamel can be cause for concern.

Another worry is that by repeatedly whitening the teeth at home, people may overuse these products. It is possible to damage the teeth by removing the enamel, and leave them overly sensitive. The teeth can also become unnaturally white and look less flattering than they should.

Veneers, crowns and partial dentures may not whiten the same as the rest of the teeth, and this could leave a patchwork of white and off-white teeth. In addition, if left in the mouth too long, whitening products can irritate the gums and even cause them to bleed or blister.

The safest option is to only perform this task under the supervision of a dentist. The Teeth Whitening Service Homer Glen IL dentists use is safe and usually much more effective than store-bought products. Their patients are able to have clean, healthy and white teeth without the worry or the pain. Check out to schedule a consultation and exam. Once it has been confirmed that a mouth and its teeth are healthy enough, a whitening treatment can be performed.

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