Three Reasons Why Dentists Recommend Root Canals In Beaumont TX

When a dentist recommends root canal therapy, many individuals have concerns about having the procedure done. Dentists who schedule Root Canals in Beaumont TX perform this procedure on their patients for several reasons. Read the list below to learn why dentists often suggest root canal therapy to their patients.

To Relieve Tooth Pain

The nerves and blood vessels of a tooth are located in the pulp, which is in the center of the tooth. When a tooth is badly decayed or if the tooth has been severely injured, an infection can develop inside the pulp. Due to the infection, the tooth can become inflamed and very painful for the individual. During root canal therapy, a dentist removes the infected tissue and decay from the tooth’s pulp and this stops the pain in the tooth.

To Save The Tooth

If a dentist who specializes in Root Canals in Beaumont TX doesn’t perform root canal therapy on the damaged tooth, the infection and decay will continue to eat away at the tooth. Eventually the dentist will have to extract the tooth because it’s no longer functional and because of the pain that it causes the individual. The infection that’s in the tooth can also enter the bloodstream, travel to the heart and cause serious medical issues.

To Restore The Function Of The Tooth

After the dentist removes the tooth pulp during root canal therapy, a substitute material is placed inside of the tooth. This substance fills the canals and seals them to keep bacteria and germs from entering the tooth canals. If bacteria is allowed to travel down into this opening, the tooth is susceptible to becoming infected again. After filling in the canals and the opening at the top of the tooth, the dentist may want to place a crown on the tooth. If the tooth has severe decay, it will be necessary to crown the tooth so that its function is fully restored.

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