Tips to Encourage Your Child to Maintain Good Oral Care in Tinley Park

While brushing your teeth, you suddenly remember all the dental issues you had when you were a child. Having a child of your own now makes you realize how important routine dental care will be for your child to prevent the same issues you have experienced. Other than routine brushing and flossing, what other habits or practices should you teach your child to encourage them to maintain good oral care?

Regular Cleanings

The best time to teach your children not to fear a visit to the dentist for regular cleanings is when they are young. This will help them maintain good oral hygiene without stress and anxiety. For routine visits to a dental professional, consider planning a fun activity following the visit. This will offer a means for them to remember that visiting the dentist for routine cleanings isn’t so bad after all.

Offer Rewards for Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Other than fun-filled activities, you should also consider offering rewards for maintaining good oral hygiene. When offering rewards, try to avoid giving candy or any other sugary treats. Instead, give your child fresh fruit or colorful stickers.

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