Tooth Loss: Why You Need to Lose Your Teeth

There are plenty of reasons for a tooth extraction. Read on to know why you may need to pay a visit to your dentist for tooth removal in Port Orange.

Crowded mouth

If your teeth are too big for your mouth, your dentist may recommend pulling a few out to help the tooth underneath break through the gum. That’s going to leave much-needed room in your mouth for the other teeth to grow into.

Excessive tooth decay

If you have an abscess in your tooth or it’s already badly decayed, then there’s no other recourse than to extract the tooth, the Healthline says. That’s going to prevent the infection from getting worse and developing into more serious dental conditions.

Damaged tooth

If your tooth is already severely infected, with the pulp compromised, then you’re going to need to make an appointment with a dentist for tooth removal in Port Orange. Do it as soon as possible. Putting it off, thinking the pain will go away will only lead to poor results. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get. That could lead to periodontal disease if you aren’t careful.

Signs and symptoms

If you suffer from severe tooth pain, or if there’s pain in your jaw that gets worse whenever you chew or apply pressure to the area, those are signs that you require a tooth extraction. Check if there’s any swelling around the tooth or any sign of gum disease as well.

What to expect

Extraction isn’t something to be feared. Modern technology and equipment have made the procedure painless. It will also help if you secure the services of a competent and experienced dental care provider to perform the procedure.

Preparation tips

Be sure to let your dentist know about your medical history. If you have any chronic conditions like heart disease, immune system deficiencies, liver problems and more, let your dentist know.

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