Using Invisalign Kalamazoo MI To Straighten Teeth

If someone finds out they are a candidate for braces, they may want to select a tooth straightening procedure without altering their appearance in the process. Getting Invisalign Kalamazoo MI is one way to have teeth straightened over time without having bulky metal wires to do the job.

First, the person would need to discuss the option with their dentist. The dentist will determine if the angles of their teeth would be straightened effectively with Invisalign instead of traditional braces. This would be done by taking a series of X-rays and using computer generated models to see what effect the straightening procedure would have on the teeth over time.

If Invisalign is deemed to be able to fix the teeth properly, the computer models would be used to construct plastic tooth trays to be inserted right over the teeth. These coverings would need to be replaced with new ones every few weeks. The positioning of the spaces for the teeth would be slightly different with each new tray obtained. This will slowly push the teeth toward the desired locations. Often the procedure in straightening with this type of apparatus will be less than with metal braces.

The person getting Invisalign would be pleased with their appearance as the trays are virtually undetectable while in the mouth. They feel secure and will not affect the way the person talks. When someone with Invisalign wishes to eat or drink something, they have the opportunity to remove the tooth trays from the mouth to do so. They can then brush their teeth and reinsert the trays afterward. This allows them to eat whatever foods they wish rather than need to be careful when eating chewy or hard substances as they would with braces.

If someone is interested in finding out more about Invisalign Kalamazoo MI, they can ask their dentist more about the process in having them fitted. They can then have an evaluation done of the mouth to determine if they would work well in straightening the teeth. Consider calling a professional like Company Name to help with this process.