Veneers in Hawaii Can Help Your Confidence Grow

Confidence and self esteem can resonate through a beautiful smile. However, damaged or missing teeth can keep that confidence hidden. There’s no reason to be a recluse when veneers in Hawaii can create the smile that you’ve always dreamed of having.

Nothing says more about a person than that first presentation. Looking your best includes having a healthy bright smile. While some people are lucky enough to be born with perfect teeth, others need help in correcting imperfections and damage. Veneers offer an affordable solution that looks real, while camouflaging unsightly problems, such as chipped or cracked teeth, discoloration, crooked teeth or misshapen teeth.

Veneers are adhered to the surface of the teeth through a bonding process, and the results can be amazing. They are usually constructed from a laminate or porcelain material. Unlike traditional bonding, veneers will last for many years to come. The surface of veneers is resistant to staining from many types of food, as well as coffee, tea and tobacco. Each set is customized to fit perfectly, and once applied will look very natural in appearance.

The process of getting veneers begins with a visit to a dentist for a preparation treatment. In order for the teeth to accommodate the veneers, the dentist must remove about a half millimeter from the surface of each tooth that the veneers will go on. Once the teeth have been buffed down, an impression is made for the lab to use for the veneer construction. When the veneers are ready, the bonding material will be applied to securely attach the veneers to the teeth. Proper alignment will be checked before the bonding material is allowed to set.

Veneers in Hawaii can turn an imperfect smile into a bright confident smile. Veneers are durable, and since they are custom made, both the shape and color will perfectly fit the patient’s mouth. Caring for veneers is the same as caring for natural teeth. With daily brushing and flossing, they should look beautiful for many years to come. Of course, regular dental checkups should be scheduled to ensure that the veneers, and the rest of the mouth, are healthy and free of any problems.