What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy in Cortland NY

You dislike going to the dentist, as most people seem to, but you simply cannot tolerate a toothache any longer. The main reason for a toothache is when the soft tissue inside the tooth, called the pulp, becomes infected or inflamed. Teeth are prone to infection and inflammation like other body parts due to cracks or chips, decay, or trauma -; including repeated or routine dental work. Whatever the cause, a trip to Elite Dental & Denture PC, is in your future.

Symptoms of an infected tooth include a dull, constant ache, cold and heat sensitivity, tenderness when chewing or brushing, and discoloration of the tooth. Sometimes symptoms develop in the lymph nodes as well, such as draining, swelling, or tenderness. These symptoms might also be present in the gum tissue or jawbone.

Endodontic treatment or plainly, a root canal, is necessary when the pulp becomes infected, especially if the tooth has become discolored as this indicates that the nerve is dying or has died. Left untreated, an infected or inflamed tooth becomes extremely painful and usually ends up abscessed. Root Canal Therapy Cortland NY saves many teeth every year with this procedure, so you are not alone.

Endodontic treatments like root canals save teeth by removing the infected pulp, cleaning the pulp chamber and root canals, and shaping the inside for the filling. A non-reactive filling similar to rubber is used to completely fill the empty chamber and root canals. Most of the time a temporary filling is glued on top to cover the opening and will be removed later when the permanent crown is put in place. Crown are needed to provide the strength and support that a dead tooth cannot.

Root Canal Therapy Cortland NY is usually done in one or two visits and due to the local anesthetic should not feel much different than a routine filling does. If there was an infection or pain before the procedure, then the tooth may be sensitive for a few days afterward. Taking over the counter pain relief medications typically relieves any discomfort.

Visit Online your favorite dental website to learn more about endodontic procedures and why they are a better solution than having teeth removed. In the long run, root canals are less expensive than having teeth removed, since the space left must be filled with a bridge or implant to inhibit shifting of the remaining teeth.