What To Expect From A Routine Dental Checkup

Maintaining good oral health is also an important factor in good general health.

Good oral health begins at home with daily brushing and flossing but it is important that you also schedule periodic appointments with your dentists in Chicago IL for routine checkups. Normally two checkups a year are sufficient however, if you have any specific problem that the dentist is dealing with you may be asked to see visit the clinic more often.

What to expect during a dental checkup:

A typical dental checkup involves two professionals, the dental hygienist and of course, the dentist. A typical checkup involves:

   * Cleaning: The first step is a professional cleaning and polishing by the dental hygienist. The hygienist will remove the buildup of tartar from the surfaces of your teeth using various instruments including a scaler or an instrument that uses ultrasound. Once the tartar has been removed the hygienist uses a small rubber cup that has been dipped in a very fine abrasive compound to remove any last vestiges of tartar and stains.

   * Education: Once the teeth have been cleaned and polished the hygienist or perhaps the dentist will discuss any issues that were found.

   * Examination: Dentists in Chicago IL take over at this point, examining your teeth, looking for early signs of any potential problems such as gum disease, cavities, etc. if the dentist finds any problems during this visual examination he or she will schedule a treatment session or, if necessary, refer you to a specialist.

If you are going to a new dentist you can expect a more comprehensive checkup. A comprehensive checkup consists of a complete examination of your mouth, head and neck as well as a discussion about your medical history and X-Rays will be taken. Subsequent checkups are not as detailed as the dentist knows what areas, if any, need special attention.

Communication is very important:

There is a close relationship between your oral health and your general health, if you have any specific concerns you need to communicate them with the dentists in Chicago IL.

   * Have you any new health problems since you last visited the dentist?
   * What medications are you currently taking?
   * If you suffer from dental anxiety tell the dentist, the dentist has various sedation methods that will make your visit more comfortable.

If you have suffered from any pain or specific sensitivity or any other problems with your oral cavity, make sure your dentist is made aware of it; the earlier your dentist knows about a problem the sooner he or she can deal with it.
There are numerous reasons to see dentists in Chicago IL, twice a year checkups are an important part of your oral and general health. You are invited to make an appointment with Dr. Peter M. Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design.